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Change the USG LAN IP before adoption

I recently bought an Ubiquiti USG and had to ‘adopt’ it into an existing network, using a subnet.

This requires the default ip address on the USG of change to an ip address that can be reached on the existing network. To be more precise, the Unifi controller needs to be able to reach the USG in order to be able to adopt it.

  • Connect a laptop or desktop to the USG on the LAN1 port, make sure the nic is setup to receive an ip address via DHCP
  • Ping the USG to see whether it’s reachable: ping
  • SSH into the USG with the user ubnt and the password ubnt
  • Issue the commands below to change the ip address of the USG:
set interfaces ethernet eth1 address
delete interfaces ethernet eth1 address
  • The SSH session wil drop and you can connect the USG to the existing network.