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Switching to Pelican

I was already looking for a Wordpress and Ghost replacement. Since I started developing in Python on my Mac, I have been visiting Justin Mayer‘s site Hacker Codex. The virtual environment examples showed me how to install Pelican and curiousity got the better of me.

Today, I managed to successfully generate my first static site (yay!). I ran into some things along the way, which I will document here later. For now, I’m pleased that everything works and that I got to know how to obtain the theme I liked (thanks Justin). By the way, that theme is called Pelicanyan.

So far, I like the geekiness of Pelican, and the lack of moving parts like databases and such. I intend to move all my blog posts to Pelican, but have to figure out how it’s done best. Most of them are Wordpress posts, the latest ones have been written in Ghost. Also geeky, but I can’t get used to working with ghost under the hood…